I don't want the certificate revocation lists. I want actual full on revoked certificates for test purposes.

For example, Flame used a signed rogue cert and in 2001 someone posed as Microsoft and got rogue certs for them from Verisign. I think it'd be interesting to have both of these certs.

Like one thing I'm curious about: was the CRLDistribituionPoint extension present in them? I'm curious about other things too but if someone has them that'd be great. Thanks!

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    What are you trying to test? You can probably set up your own CA and test the scenarios yourself. Commented Nov 10, 2012 at 17:09

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You could just use a MD5 rogue certificate (directly to the demo page). Also see the research paper.

I also found a research on the rogue certificates from March 2011.

Maybe searching the Internet for those black-listed rogue certificates' serial number will help:

00:b0:b7:13:3e:d0:96:f9:b5:6f:ae:91:c8:74:bd:3a:c0 login.live.com
00:e9:02:8b:95:78:e4:15:dc:1a:71:0a:2b:88:15:44:47 login.skype.com
00:39:2a:43:4f:0e:07:df:1f:8a:a3:05:de:34:e0:c2:29 login.yahoo.com
00:3e:75:ce:d4:6b:69:30:21:21:88:30:ae:86:a8:2a:71 login.yahoo.com
00:d7:55:8f:da:f5:f1:10:5b:b2:13:28:2b:70:77:29:a3 login.yahoo.com
00:04:7e:cb:e9:fc:a5:5f:7b:d0:9e:ae:36:e1:0c:ae:1e mail.google.com
00:f5:c8:6a:f3:61:62:f1:3a:64:f5:4f:6d:c9:58:7c:06 www.google.com
00:92:39:d5:34:8f:40:d1:69:5a:74:54:70:e1:f2:3f:43 addons.mozilla.org

These serial numbers are from the Microsoft certificate store after applying the relevant updates.

I did some searching, but all i found was the link 4 I already mentioned above.


I was able to obtain revoked certificates for testing by opening the Certificates Snapin in Microsoft Management Console and looking in the Untrusted Certificates store. There you will see a large number of revoked certificates. Right click and export to get them into a file.

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