When I try to download SandBoxie in the 64-bit version, at this link: SandBoxie and I analyze it with VirusTotal, it tells me that it's safe, but when I analyze some relative files, called:

  • 066cca997f12a387f6ea0459e7a2f9a8cf7e842236fa624ef658b5a85571a860

  • sandbox.exe

  • SandboxieInstall

  • SandboxieInstall-533-3.exe

  • s.exe

  • 57241f48b77aebbb78d6a99b90895d7b.virus

  • WindowsApplication4.exe

Among others... It detects between 44 and 63 viruses in each one, and that is a very big amount of virus... So, does SandBoxie have viruses? Or rather, does the SandBoxie installer have a virus?

  • I believe it's open source now, so feel free to audit and compile it yourself.
    – user
    Oct 15 '20 at 19:26
  • @user But they use very strange libraries and I am not very expert in C ++; if I don't know those libraries much less will I know how to test that code ... They use things that are too strange for me. Oct 15 '20 at 19:42

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