Today I opened OneDrive by accident, since I do not use it. To my surprise, inside there were unknown folders, in foreign (to me) languages. Namely, "document" and "photo" folders in Korean and a shortcut in French with the meaning of vault/safe.

Mind you, these are all completely foreign to me. Judging by the status icons, the folders are online-only. The shortcut had been created at the same time as the first folder. Also I cannot open the file location of the shortcut.

Could this be a sign of potential infection? If not, how did these come about? Please see the screenshot below.

enter image description here


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Let me start by saying that one more time, you should never ever click on something if you don't know what it is. Let's say it was crypto malware, we would go from "Strange folders on my OneDrive" to "Why is my data encrypted" in matter of seconds.

Putting that aside, you should delete the folders and the file if you don't recognize them. Go to the OneDrive website and change your OneDrive password (consider setting up two factor authentication). You may optionally contact support to find out where the folders come from (as a normal user you have no access to any logs), but don't have high hopes about them responding.

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  • That's the thing, there was never any "click on something if you don't know what it is"... I checked the OneDrive, seems fine. And honestly, not worth it to go through all the hassle getting your data. E. g. I am still waiting for Facebook almost a half-year later after I was assured they will get in touch re. 1 short exchange, let alone any real data. – user851 Oct 21 at 9:35

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