IEEE 802.1X-2010 states:

"Generate an MSK of at least 64 octets, as required by IETF RFC 3748 [B14] Section 7.10, of which the first 16 or 32 octets are used by this standard as described in 6.2.2."

RFC3748 states:

"EAP method supporting key derivation MUST export a Master Session Key (MSK) of at least 64 octets"

But I cannot find anywhere definition - how to get/derive MSK?


This MSK (master session key) is generated by the RADIUS server from EAP (802.1x) authentication and is transferred to the AP for caching, which is used in roaming.

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  • IEEE 802.1X-2010 states that to derive keys you need MSK. How MSK is generated in case if there is no RADIUS, or even with no authentication(anonymous handshake/connection)? – MartyMcFly Oct 22 at 20:01

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