Im currently trying to connect to the Heroku's mysql cleardb database from beekeeper studio. My connection works when done normally. But when I use the ssh tunnel Im facing some issue. Their documentation is also not so much descriptive to include everything. Im also unaware of what all the fields must contain as its kind of confusing why this requires the host to be mentioned twice. Once as host and another time as ssh hostname. I get it maybe this might be applicable when I run maybe the secure end point maybe in another URL. But in heroku I dont have these facilities to run separately I guess. Also what must the username be. Could someone say in details what each field must contain. I already have the public and private keys generated and I use my private key in this local app. Then my other public key is already added to heroku's account. But still Im unable to connect both in 3306 and 22 ports. My host ip address would be my apps path, something like *.cleardb.com.

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