I'm in the planning/design stages of a project which will incorporate an internal server that communicates with internal clients. A quick summary of how this server will behave is as follows: end-users will make calls/commands to the server and depending on the information received by the server, it will initiate a psexec command back to the client to perform a function. The server does the processing/checks to tell if the command/circumstance is valid and runs a psexec process back to the client.

Is SSL really necessary? I'm under the impression that the latest version of psexec encrypts the data being sent to a computer.

The commands/calls being sent to the server don't include anything confidential.

Everything is internal - will only be needed to work on a LAN.

Is there something I am missing that would support SSL being used all the time? Are there times where its really just not necessary? I understand that more security is better than none, but I feel like there must be moments when it's not necessary? maybe?



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