Currently, my recovery passphrases are just handwritten on a bit of paper. I know myself and don't feel very confident that I'll still know where that paper is when I need it in however many years.

So I'm aware that you're meant to keep this away from the internet but I just want an approach that is less vulnerable to theft than loss: Not a very high bar in my case but lets pretend I have a 0.1% chance of loss.

Here's what I was thinking..

  1. Boot to recovery mode terminal in Ubuntu (hoping to avoid spyware)
  2. echo "my passphrases typed directly" | gpg --cipher-algo AES256 -c > break_in_case_of_emergency.gpg
  3. Enter very strong, unique but memorable password
  4. Store encrypted file on a few devices and cloud services.
  5. Tear passphrase papers in half.
  6. Send copies of other half to some other locations (perhaps one with a close friend).

I expect that it's not impossible to break this but how plausible is it?

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