I have been trying to hack around with Apex DirectConnect. What I wish to do is to utilize the querying nature of P2P apps like DC to generate a DDoS attack (see links for reference here, here and here).

To quote from one of the references:

These are the steps of a file download in DC protocol:
D = downloader
U = uploader
H = hub

  1. D>H: $ConnectToMe <U's username> <D's IP and port>|
  2. H>U: $ConnectToMe <U's username> <D's IP and port>|
  3. U>D: TCP Connection to D’s IP and port


The attack uses a vulnerability in the DC++ hubs (Verlihub-0.9.8c, Verlihub-0.9.8d-rc1, Ynhub < 1.0306, Ptokax <, respectively in the Client-to-Client communication described above. The vulnerability is in step 2, when the hub forwards the $ConnectToMe request to the Uploader client without verifying it. So the Downloader can put any IP address and port it wants in the $ConnectToMe request and the receiving client (Uploader) will connect to that address, trying to continue the file download protocol....

But I am falling short of a good tool which will allow me to tamper/forge packets for my purpose.

ngrep gave me good hope, but I guess the project isn't maintained anymore.

Any suggestions on what tools will allow me to tamper with all kinds of packets?

Edit: Being concerned over the low views and no answers/comments, I felt that I should clarify what I am looking for- I need something on the lines of what Wireshark does as a packet sniffer- sniffs all varieities of packets. But I don't want to just sniff packets, I want to tamper them. There are many available tools to tamper with HTTP requests (like fiddler). But I need something to deal with all kinds of protocols - IP, TCP, UDP and HTTP headers and payloads.

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I think what you are looking for is Scapy. It can do all you request and more and is under active development.

"Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation program. It is able to forge or decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, match requests and replies, and much more."

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