Is there another method apart from using a wordlist to crack WPA/WPA2 passwords? because it's not going to work for all cases. Even using the biggest wordlist ever, there are cases where there won't be a match in the wordlist. (assuming that WPS is off too because if WPS is on, the password may be cracked through weaknesses of WPS)


Yes of course, there are other sorts of brute force attacks to crack passwords!

For example, on Hashcat's website you can find the following types of attacks:

  • Straight *
  • Combination
  • Brute-force
  • Hybrid dict + mask
  • Hybrid mask + dict

There is a whole class of key-reinstallation attacks discovered a few years ago, that doesn't rely on the traditional wordlist brute-forcing attacks. They are also known as KRACK - Key Reinstallation AttaCKs.

You can read more about such attacks here. After some initial publicity, though, many vendors' Wi-Fi products have been patched against at least some variations of KRACK.

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