I am looking for a review of the solution to store my Ledger Nano S BIP39 recovery phrase as well as my password manager usage. This solution is mostly based on this video.

enter image description here

Few points that I think require explanation

  1. Emergency access process for Bitwarden explained here. Essentially if I get hit by a bus, my partner will be able to request recovery and if I don't reject approval via email she will get full access to Bitwarden.
  2. Devices I am planning to purchase: 2 x Yubico - YubiKey 5C NFC; 1 x Apricorn ASK3-NXC-4GB
  3. Create backup Yubikey with identical PGP keys
  4. Restore of Bitwarden from Google Drive + Dropbox tested successfully.


  1. Are there any major flaws that you see with this approach?
  2. Any further improvements that can be added in terms of security and/or usability?
  3. Any recovery process flaws?

Many thanks in advance.

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