I'm trying to understand the Azure RMS solution. From my understanding, files are encrypted with a symmetric key, and that symmetric key + access policies are encrypted using the company key.

The company key can either be:

  • MMK (generated and managed by Microsoft)
  • BYOK (generated by the company, managed by Microsoft)
  • HYOK (generated and managed by the company)
  • DKE (Double-Key Encryption, a combination of (BYOK or HYOK) with MMK)

I don't understand why DKE would be better than just BYOK/HYOK.

Their main benefits are to :

  1. Keep the data unintelligible to Microsoft
  2. Be able to retrieve the data if something goes wrong (because we know the key)

AFAIK, DKE doesn't have benefit #2 because the data will also be encrypted by MMK.

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