I have wondered around and am unable to come out with a proper solution for the below requirements, would seek your kind advice. It is similar to Which strategy to encrypt data accessed by multiple users? but there is additional complexity/requirements

  1. Data must be encrypted in database
  • Currently there are two databases, one holding user credentials (DB1), one holding personal data (DB2)
  • Both must be encrypted
  • DB2 can only be accessed through whitelist
  1. Data must be encrypted in transport
  • REST Communication between AWS Server and Mobile APP
  1. Data is scoped to user accounts
  • Each user owns his data, associated by a userId
  1. Encrypted data owner can give access to his data (in DB2) to other users
  • Only read access is required
  1. Access granted in #4 can be revoked by the owner or himself
  • Data owner can revoke another user's access to his data
  • Data accessor can revoke his own access to owner's data
  1. Data can be recovered when user password is forgotten
  • Data owner can recover his data even if he lost his password through recovery email

Appreciate the guidance and help

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