I remember using jtr in metasploit. jtr_crack_fast is no longer available for me along with other jtr commands. Yes i can still get regular jtr stand alone or just git but still.

What happen to jtr in metasploit?

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They were remade as part of a cleanup

On 2020-01-31 (so almost exactly one year ago at the time of writing this), Rapid7 released this article, in which they explain the history of how jtr_crack_fast and similar modules came to be.

If you don't care for the article, and just want the synopsis: The modules were all renamed to crack_ instead of jtr_. You can also change whether or not you wish to use JtR or Hashcat as the backend, so that the commands are backend-independent. These new and improved commands also have other nice features added, such as show_command, which allows you to show the command being executed in the backend. The article explains it in more detail.

This change has been in Metasploit since version 5.0.72.

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