I know a text can be unredacted but can pictures too? I have a picture I would love to unredact can that be done? Please and Thank you.


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It depends on the type of image file. If it is an image inside of a .pdf and only "blacked out" with an object it might be possible, as it's only a layer above the original image. Same goes for a .xcf(Gimp) or .psd(Photoshop) file or simliar file formats with multiple layers. Even a .tif could possibly contain multiple layers. In all cases the redaction/black bar must be a seperate layer.

If you have a .jpeg, .png or simliar I guess you are out of luck. Depending on the type of redaction you may get something out of swirrled, pixelated or blurred redactions, also depending on the destructiveness and available tools.

If the 2nd is the case an no layers to seperate are available (and if it's not privacy violating) you may make a snipping of the redacted area available for further help.

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