I am participating in a program that when I write in the url parameter ' or 1=1;-- it gives me Forbidden 403 and when I write in the parameter ' or 1=2;-- it shows me the page.

Is the website and parameter vulnerable?

If yes is it a blind SQL?

If it is a blind SQL how can I exploit it further?

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    You have probably hit a WAF which is refusing execution of the OR 1=1 payload. Jan 31 at 11:13
  • It's only blind sql if there is an error that is not being displayed. And it sounds like you don't have enough info to determine one way or another.
    – schroeder
    Jan 31 at 11:22
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    The 403 status indeed makes it look like a filter rejecting what looks like an attack attempt. But the specificity makes me wonder whether it will also stop ' or 69=69;--, ' or 218<>114;--, ' or 'a'='a';-- and other similar equivalent attempts not involving 1=1. You could also try some not involving or like ' is not null;--.
    – Jan Hudec
    Jul 2 at 7:57

maybe there is a firewall blocked you, that is why you get 403 cuz ' or 1=1;-- is a dangerous traffic

try detect WAF using nmap script

nmap –script=http-waf-fingerprint testsite.com

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