The question concerns the idea of transferring sessions between domains without having to log in again.

I would like to do it like this:

(user is logged in and changes the language to a language from another domain) :

  • the test_token is generated
  • test_token is used to save current session data for redis/database (max cache time 60 s - after use, entry is deleted)
  • authorization data are removed from the current session - the user is logged out of the current domain
  • Note - OIDC tokens are not revoked
  • the user is redirected to the login page in the domain that supports the given language - test_token is passed in the GET parameter
  • if the test_token is correct - the session is restored for the given domain and the user is redirected to the "dashboard"
  • if the test_token was invalid - the test_token is removed from the address and the user gets a message about unauthorized operation

I would like to know the opinion whether such a solution is acceptable from the security point of view? What can be changed or done better?

Thank you.

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