I found a clickjacking issue in a site and the site security team said me that i would require unusual user interaction. So I wrote a code above the iframe but I was not successful in achieving it.

The site had two sensitive buttons which must be clicked to sent a invite request. And so i've added two buttons and also a demo site in iframe below.

Can you help me alter the code in a way the button which clicked is executed in the iframe present behind the actual behind.


iframe { /* iframe from the victim site */
  width: 900px;
  height: 820px;
  position: absolute;
  top:0; left:-20px;
  opacity: 0.5; /* in real opacity:0 */
  z-index: 1;

p {
  width: 520px;
  padding: 10px;
  border: 5px solid gray;
  margin: 0;


    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html charset=UTF-8" />
    <title>Test for Clickjacking.</title>

<script type="text/javascript">

        function test(){
        //do whateven you want or remove if only want button click
       console.log('1st click')

      function test2(){
        //do whateven you want or remove if only want button click
       console.log('2nd click');

    window.onload = setTimeout("document.getElementById('btn').click()",3000);
    window.onload = setTimeout("document.getElementById('btn2').click()",5000);

    <div class="body-margin">
        <button id="btn" onclick="test()">1st</button>
        <button id="btn2" onclick="test2()">2nd</button>

<iframe src="https://www.townscript.com"></iframe>

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    It seems to me that you are trying to make your code click the buttons automatically, but what you are doing is clicking your own buttons, not the ones in the frame. You can't control the iframe (it would be a cross-origin issue), you need to trick the user into actually performing clicks in the right places.
    – reed
    Commented Feb 11, 2021 at 14:03


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