Does it make sense to try path traversal on the filename value during a file upload request? Should I encode special characters in the POST request?

For example


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="hello.pdf"; filename="..\..\..\..\license.rtf"
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    yes it makes absolute sense – yeah_well Mar 11 at 8:59

It depends entirely on how your program handles filenames. However, path traversal isn't done with encoding, you actually have to check which directory your file is getting written into.


I would also try single quotes in the file name, you never know you'll find a SQL injection if the filename is inserted into a DB without sufficient sanitization.

Notes from MDN:

The string following filename should always be put into quotes; but, for compatibility reasons, many browsers try to parse unquoted names that contain spaces.

You might also try to spoof the MIME type (Content-Type) in case the underlying application is relying on it rather than check the file extension (although this is unlikely).

Perhaps try a very large file name, like 255+ characters and see what happens.

PS: In this example name should be the HTML form field name, I doubt it would be called hello.pdf.

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