I don't know if this is the right forum for this kind of question.

I was trying to intercept traffic from Twitter for Android app and for that I needed to bypass the SSL pin they implemented. Basically I was following this tutorial and I got it to work.... sort of:

Spawned `com.twitter.android`. Resuming main thread!                    
[Android Emulator 5554::com.twitter.android]->
[.] Cert Pinning Bypass/Re-Pinning
[+] Loading our CA...
[o] Our CA Info: O=mitmproxy, CN=mitmproxy
[+] Creating a KeyStore for our CA...
[+] Creating a TrustManager that trusts the CA in our KeyStore...
[+] Our TrustManager is ready...
[+] Hijacking SSLContext methods now...
[-] Waiting for the app to invoke SSLContext.init()...
[o] App invoked javax.net.ssl.SSLContext.init...
[+] SSLContext initialized with our custom TrustManager!
[o] App invoked javax.net.ssl.SSLContext.init...
[+] SSLContext initialized with our custom TrustManager!

but now whenever I try to login I get a Toast saying You've exceeded the number of attempts. Please try again later. I also get api_error_code=243 in mitmproxy saying that I should try again in an hour. The issue is that I did this yesterday and when I tried today I still get the same error. Does anybody know what might be the issue?

  • Looks like your connection to Twitter is being rate limited because you tried connecting to their API too many times. It might just be a temporary IP block in which case, you could just use a VPN until your IP is unblocked. – Marc Woodyard Mar 14 at 10:47
  • Have you tried it again without MITM? There might be a bot detection at Twitter and since the TLS fingerprint of Twitter via MITM looks different from the original fingerprint of the app it might be considered a bot. – Steffen Ullrich Mar 14 at 11:24
  • @SteffenUllrich tried this and it didn't work, the same issue – bvr Mar 14 at 12:30
  • @MarcWoodyard I don't really know how to connect my emulator to a VPN. I read that all I need to do is simply turn on VPN and restart emulator but that did nothing. I managed to create new account while the script was running and I'm logged in and mitmproxy is getting all the traffic so I guess that is a workaround but not a solution. – bvr Mar 14 at 12:31

Ok so it turns out everything worked fine I just got IP blocked. Turned on a VPN and there are no issues.

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