I was trying to run the bolt CMS exploit. Bolt CMS 3.7.0 - Authenticated Remote Code Execution | php/webapps/48296.py (taken from searchsploit) and it wouldn't work because automatic check which happens before the exploit is actually ran returned a false result. I've tried a lot of combinations like set auto check to false and no auto check to see if I can override it but nothing seems to work. I got it to work once with a different case but I don't remember how.


  • Have you tried editing the code of the module? Mar 19 at 2:43
  • no i just looked at it Mar 19 at 22:23
Set AutoCheck false

AutoCheck is activated by default for a reason. 99% of the time it works correctly. It means that the exploit will NOT work, because the target seems not exploitable.

  • Perhaps mention how you can enable ForceExploit in order to force the module to ignore this specific check, instead of disabling all checks.
    – MechMK1
    Apr 19 at 8:27

i found out you can set auto-check false

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