While it is obvious that an attack surface is the sum of all ways the system can be compromised or attack vectors (please correct me if I am wrong here or am not taking something into account), it is not that obvious if an exposed username, server name or any other piece of information that can identify an entity within the system, without giving the ability to pass authentication or get any level of access to the system, would also contribute to increasing the attack surface.

Does an exposed username or server name increase the attack surface or is this considered something else in the Information Security world?

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    The information you are discussing doesn't seem to increase the attack surface. Rather, the information seems to increase the likelihood of an attack (on that attack surface). E.g., publishing the server name might increase the number of attempts to break into the server, but doesn't change the fact that the server is there and already connected to the internet (or whatever). – hft Mar 24 at 17:08

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