I've recently taken a job that has me more involved in network architecture than I ever have been, so please offer me some patience.

I am standing up a network at a new office location. So far I have a firewall stood up behind the perimeter router, a dmz coming off of said firewall, and an internal interface connected to a switch with splits off into a few VLANs.

In my experience, most networks I've managed (not deployed myself) have had a management VLAN allowing administrator access to network devices across the entire network. I'd like some advice here, because my intuition is that every network device I want to manage this way has to a have port utterly dedicated to the management VLAN. For example, if a server off of my switch was to be accessible via the management VLAN also served internal users as a development Environment, I'd have to have a NIC dedicated to the user's connect ("regular" internal network) and then another NIC dedicated to being accessed by the management VLAN, right?

Any advice is appreciated. I want to go about this the right way.

Thank you in advance.

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