In reference to another post about the Respondus Lockdown Browser, I was wondering how can a program edit and remove parts of the "Secure Desktop" Ctrl+Alt+Del menu in Windows, as well as disable the power button at the bottom right?

Is this safe?

This is what happens when trying to Ctrl+Alt+Del with Respondus Lockdown Browser running in the background:

Windows Lockscreen while running Respondus Lockdown Browser in the background

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This is mainly hardening configurations done from registry keys, they can be configured from the Local Group Policies, GPO or directly from regedit. They key is located here:


Note that the following path is targeting the current user (HKCU), you can also target at the computer level (HKLM).

From there, you can create/modify multiple strings values and disable or turn them on (set to 0 or 1) :

  • is it possible to bypass that lockdown , i mean tricking the programming into thinking that it successfully made that modification without it actually working? i mean like change that path to a new one so when the program modifies the old one ... nothing actually happen as the real key is in the new path ... what do you think ?
    – mina nageh
    Commented Jun 16, 2022 at 17:28

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