In reference to another post about the Respondus Lockdown Browser, I was wondering how can a program edit and remove parts of the "Secure Desktop" Ctrl+Alt+Del menu in Windows, as well as disable the power button at the bottom right?

Is this safe?

This is what happens when trying to Ctrl+Alt+Del with Respondus Lockdown Browser running in the background:

Windows Lockscreen while running Respondus Lockdown Browser in the background


This is mainly hardening configurations done from registry keys, they can be configured from the Local Group Policies, GPO or directly from regedit. They key is located here:


Note that the following path is targeting the current user (HKCU), you can also target at the computer level (HKLM).

From there, you can create/modify multiple strings values and disable or turn them on (set to 0 or 1) :


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