The hash I am trying to break is 279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa, it's part of a task for learning John. I created a file hash.txt using: echo -n 279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa > hash.txt.

Then, I tried running hashid over it and it gave me md2, md5 and md4 and many more.

So I used, ./john --wordlist=rockyou.txt --format=raw-md4 hashfile.txt

John returned:

Using default input encoding: UTF-8
Loaded 1 password hash (Raw-MD4 [MD4 256/256 AVX2 8x3])
Warning: no OpenMP support for this hash type, consider --fork=2
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
0g 0:00:00:00 DONE (2021-06-07 05:21) 0g/s 19124Kp/s 19124Kc/s 19124KC/s  
Session completed. 

Now, when I do: ./john --show hash.txt or ./john --show --format=raw-md4 hash.txt it gives:

0 password hashes cracked, 1 left

Question: What is the meaning of that filimani..clarus? is it the password? why --show is not registering it?

  • And what happens when you use another hash type, like MD5? You say you tried one. Did you try the others?
    – schroeder
    Jun 7, 2021 at 6:58
  • @schroeder Thanks for responding! I am more interested in understanding what the output means when we get terms like filimani..clarus or !!1GOOD..CLARUS or some other variant with Clarus. I am also interested in knowing how to generally proceed when one has many options from hashid
    – Sohail
    Jun 7, 2021 at 7:02
  • You check the common hash types first.
    – schroeder
    Jun 7, 2021 at 7:04
  • Hint: make sure you set JTR to use MD4 (not MD5), and make sure you have 'Eternity22` in the wordlist that you provide it.
    – mti2935
    Dec 4, 2021 at 17:43

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You tried john with MD4, but that's not a common hash type. MD5 is much more common. My guess is that you didn't try that option for john.

filimani..clarus are the range of words from the wordlist that it is checking.

So, it didn't show the password because it couldn't find the hash 279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa in the wordlist you supplied.

  • thanks for your time! The command ./john --show --format=raw-md5 hash.txt shows 0 password hashes cracked, 1 left. It was not 'change of conditions but the use of the command. I found out the problem. The hash was of type raw-md4 and john was having trouble since the correct string was not in the rockyou.txt, the wordlist being used.
    – Sohail
    Jun 7, 2021 at 10:58
  • The plaintext string of that hash is in the rockyou.txt list. I still think there are factors here that you are not fully explaining.
    – schroeder
    Jul 7, 2021 at 7:19

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