There are several ways to track how a user interacts with a website, including mouse position and clicks.

Does the same apply to taking screenshots though? Can a website track browser or system related hotkeys?

For example, which of the following would reveal either clicks or keystrokes (assuming they were pressed while the website had been selected)?

  • Pressing Ctr+Shift+PrintScreen then clicking to select the area I need to take a screenshot of.
  • Ctr+T to open a new tab on Firefox (or any other Firefox keybind).
  • Opening the command line using keybinds.
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    Well, it depends on the browser I guess. You can check using this website. Try the key sequences you are concerned about. If the page can register the last key of the sequence, then that sequence can definitely be tracked. Otherwise, it probably can't.
    – nobody
    Jun 7 at 20:38

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