I'm new with Lynis, the security tool. I installed it with a package manager and check that it is the latest version:

$ sudo apt-get install lynis
lynis is already the newest version (2.1.1-1).

And yet, when I run lynis audit system, I get:

  - Program update status...                                  [ WARNING ]

        Lynis update available

        Current version : 211   Latest version : 304

        Please update to the latest version for new features, bug fixes, tests
        and baselines.



How can I update Lynis to the latest version?

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In short, they expect you to go around your OS vendor to get up-to-date versions. The error message I see under 2.6.2 is more explicit:

Current version is more than 4 months old

Current version : 262   Latest version : 304

Please update to the latest version.
New releases include additional features, bug fixes, tests, and baselines.

Download the latest version:

Packages (DEB/RPM) -  https://packages.cisofy.com
Website (TAR)      -  https://cisofy.com/downloads/
GitHub (source)    -  https://github.com/CISOfy/lynis

Because the version offered by your OS vendor may lag behind what's currently available, they offer a number of ways to update it; either retrieve a .deb/.rpm package (for Debian-ish or RedHat-ish distributions), a tarfile of the source, or the github for the source.

For example the Ubuntu package page walks you through the steps required to add the Cisofy repository to your local OS, and then use apt to install the package from there. The other distribution pages show the appropriate steps to use the apt, yum, or zypper package managers, depending on which flavor the OS is.

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