I'd like to scan a multicast IP range on a specific port using nmap.

When I try to simply do a nmap -p 10000, it just responds with an error stating Strange error from connect (47):Address family not supported by protocol family

Is it even possible to scan multicast using nmap, or what am I doing wrong?

PS: For those wondering: "Why the hell does he want to scan an entire /16 ?":

I'm trying to list all active IPTV servers on the network of ISP (Deutsche Telekom) to see which ones are accessible using VLC.



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    You shouldn't really be scanning your ISP's network. It could get you in some serious trouble. – user10211 Dec 8 '12 at 11:13

If you asking if nMap can scan networks based on a mask then, yes it can do so.

The details have been given here: http://nmap.org/book/man-target-specification.html

As for the error you are getting. Some quick web searches and previous programming in Python indicates a driver error, which may be resulting from a glitch wherein nMap can resolve the hosts IP for an undermined reason.

If getting the job done is priority try an alternative approach.

  1. Use a mask converter or maths to get the range of IPs to scan. http://jodies.de/ipcalc?host=
  2. Then, issue this command in nmap. nmap

Note: Neither StackExchange or I promote unauthorized illegal port scan of networks. This answer is merely to inform you about the capabilities of nMap.

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