As far as I know, SMIME encryption is more user-friendly than AIP, but there is the need to know the recipients public key (well, and even the need for them to have a public key).

I would like to encrypt emails only with SMIME, but only if a certain AIP label is applied AND the recipients public-key is known. This way, the data that needs to be encrypted, but there's no need to protect it after the receiver receives it, is encrypted, but the user-experience is better.

I see the problem in AIP is actually the user-experience, when the recipient doesn't have an AIP-ready client, it sends them a link to a protected webpage, where they can view the message and attachments - they can't archive the message. This is actually OK for super-secret data, but for casual, but still important data it's a pain.

So my idea is to create some AIP labels, let's say(only an example):

  1. Public Data - data without encryption, only classified
  2. Confidential Data - data with SMIME protection, but ONLY if we have the recipients public key, if not, apply AIP protection (but still in both cases require the users to protect sensitive documents - eg. use SMIME, but one document is in Secret mode and the others are Public, while the message itself is encrypted "only" with SMIME)
  3. Secret Data - data encrypted only with AIP

Do you this this is possible ?

I have another question: Is OME a part of AIP, or it's a complimentary service, or it's a totally different service ? Should I use OME with AIP, or choose whatever use OME or AIP ?

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