I've been experiencing degraded system performance due to undetermined reasons and plan on adding an M2 SSD drive to my 6 year old laptop and doing a fresh re-install.

Being Windows 10, I don't have install media, and plans to grab the ISO, make a bootable USB, and install fresh on the M2, and convert the existing HDD as extra storage (wipe all applications and OS files).

What's the likelihood that I have something on my system that will survive this? I don't plan on keeping any executables, but I have a pile of documents and media that I'll be keeping, including hundreds of PDFs I used in my undergrad research.

My system did have some China based cloud platforms installed in the past (Baidu cloud, other random stuff). I used some services in China and had to install stuff from there, but I am not remotely a person of interest, did not participate in anything related to politics for any country.


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