I understand that saving a screenshot of the QR code during the OTP setup process is enough to back up a single account, however, is this the same for the QR code generated during the Google Authenticator transferring process? Because, if so, could this QR code be able to serve as a backup of Google Authenticator accounts?

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Yes, it contains all the keys so it can serve as a backup.

Making such a backup causes a google authenticator to display a warning, so keep your phone away from others until that warning expires, else you'll not be able to tell if they have also cloned your keys.

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    I can confirm this and have successfully used this for quite a bunch of keys. The QR code grows large, but it works. Alternatively you could also just select some keys at a time and repeat multiple times.
    – Marcel
    Commented Oct 11, 2021 at 6:16

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