I wish to map a site with owasp zaproxy. The site uses data driven nodes in the URL in such a format to download image data for maps: https://subdomain.domain.tld/maps/<<region>>/<<version>>/tiles/<<zoom>>/<<x-chunk-idx>>/<<y-chunk-idx>>.png This creates a massive tree that I wish not to display. However I would like to display the individual nodes. When I create a data driven node for region it works fine. However when I try to nest the nodes it generates a mess. Node names start to have url escaped characters in them in the tree view or I get multiple nodes on the parent node.

I tried adding the regexes

region: https://subdomain.domain.tld/(maps/)(.+?)(/.*)
version: https://subdomain.domain.tld/(maps/.+?/)(.+?)(/.*)

I have also tried to only use two regex groups, mixed two and three, include or not include the slashes in different groups. Nothing seems to work.

What's more I can't find information on how the data driven node is implemented. The built in help text and the website explaining it are the same text, neither says what the groups actually represent. I also tried just to use right click and flag as data driven node, but after the first one it adds the text (ex <<region>>) for the previous data driven node in as a regex match, which of course doesn't work.

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As per https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/issues/6867 nested Data Driven Nodes are not currently supported but can be acheived via scripts: https://www.zaproxy.org/blog/2021-03-29-zap-2-10-0-features/#site-tree-control

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