I understand there is entry node, middle node and exit node when a user accesses an internet resource like https://www.google.com while coeected to the tor network.

Is the concept the same if the user, while within the tor network, visits a resource within the tor network like http://rfyb5tlhiqtiavwhikdlvb3fumxgqwtgxnaanxtiqibidqlox5nnspqd.onion/? Is there entry, middle and exit nodes involved as well?

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There is no exit node at all.

When visiting a Hidden Service or onion site, your Browser sets up a 3-hop connection to a Rendezvous node. The onion site also sets up a 3-hop connection to the Rendezvous node. The Rendezvous node relays everything through the effective 7-hop connection.

There is more detail on how that Rendezvous node is found and connection handshakes, but once set up that's the basics.

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