First time question after lurking every so often. This issue has me a little riled, and would love to know more on how I did/if it did anything, as well as peace of mind on the subject.

Today/morning, I was browsing an Instagram account on my phone that recently followed me of one of my older friends. However, much of it looked fake to me, and I started digging around. Just woken up, I was a bit tired, but and against my own security rules, I hit a link on "their" biography, a tinyurl.com URL. I was a little slower than usual to close it, but I essentially, right as Instagram's in-app browser started to redirect me, I hit back on my phone immediately, and closed it.

I had no prompts or anything, but I ran the full security check just in case - changed passwords, ran bitdefender and kaspersky, and nothing came up, thankfully. I also ran the URL through virustotal, with one place branding it as malicious, and that the URL redirected to a Wix website, which was dead (404'd), according to them and the other sites. It didn't seem to have any other parts to it, as it apparently was only 2.87 Kb with only certain wix storages being used, and nothing was there.

That left me a little confused. However, the site being dead gives me a little hope, although a bit confused, since the account seemed new.

I was thinking of factory resetting, but am I just being paranoid? Was what I did good enough (closing before loading, password change, etc.)? Is there something to worry about with a dead link? Could Wix or another site (Instagram?) have taken it down before it even worked?

I appreciate any advice that can be given, thank you!

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