I sleepily clicked on this bad link yesterday (DONT CLICK Unless you know what you're doing: https://6to.me/idsoni7kjv with a "?fbclid=" param - presumably identifying me)

I'm wondering how much harm could be done. I'm sure it could try to phish me with mimic websites, but it didn't seem to do that. I'm more worried about whether clicking on a link is sufficient to allow something worse, like installing something on my computer or browser?

Further, is there a safe way to investigate what that webpage is trying to do?

In case it's relevant, I'm on firefox on a mac. Thank you for any pointers!


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You can download whatever you want, the problem is the program that you are using for download that content. For example a browser downloads and then process the content, that's the main problem. If you download a virus with curl or wget, these programs just download and don't process whatever is inside in general, browsers does. For for analysis of malicious content my advice is to use wget/curl and then do the analysis but never use a browser because they are more complex and you don't know what will do once you download the file in general.

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