I need to send ICMPv6 echo request with payload of size greater than 65535 bytes. To test ping of death attack. I tried below scapy codes but got errors

pkt=IPv6(src=src1, dst=dst1)/IPv6ExtHdrHopByHop(options=Jumbo(jumboplen=66000))/ICMPv6EchoRequest(data=Raw("A"*66000))

send(fragment6(pkt)) (or) pkt.show2()

Got this error while using

ValueError: Incorrect type of value for field uplen:
struct.error(''H' format requires 0 <= number <= 65535')
To inject bytes into the field regardless of the type, use RawVal. See help(RawVal)
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  • This looks like a pure programming question, i.e. off-topic here. And the error message already explicitly points out a possible solution. Nov 23 at 12:56
  • I tried added RAwVal payload instead of Raw payload as well but it does not works Nov 25 at 4:59

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