Wonder about if it is possible for an android device with infected firmware and fully controlled by hacker to compromise my computer remotely (assuming hacker has already locally flashed a different firmware) when am using that device for tethering to a Debian os and assuming that my usb cable is trusted.

I know about rubber ducky attack, but from i know it's known to infect windows, still i think it's very easy to infect a system if the hacker is skilled enough.

So my question will be about how easy it will be for a hacker to infect my system if there is no change in device function and there is nothing suspicious in detected devices saying i pre-built a real-time script that notify me if any device is missed or added ?

In other words what is the ability for that hacker to infect my system without changing the device's function (to keyboard for example) assuming my usb cable is safe and that am using a vpn.

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