When using incognito, any data will be cleared when the session is closed.

Then why do browsers have the option to disable them?

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Deleting 3rd party tracking cookies on browser exit prevents cross-session tracking. Not accepting them in the first place prevents cross-tab tracking. The former is a weaker protection than the latter.


There is a significant difference between accepting a cookie for the current browser session and removing it after the session, or not accepting a cookie in the first place. The first makes it possible to track the user over the different sites used in the same browser session, the second prevents cookie based tracking.

  • if the session is closed the cookie will be cleared and so the user can't be tracked can they? Jan 13 at 9:13

The only thing incognito mode does is clear information from a browsing session from your computer. That's it.

Tracking is still possible, because companies can correlate information between session based on your IP address, your account if you login to a website, URL tracking parameters in device fingerprinting, etc.

If you accept third-party cookies even for a short session, companies can still share your information between each other and correlate it between browsing sessions by the means I listen and many that I didn't mention. It's still better to deny something upfront instead of allowing it and clearing or resetting regularly.

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