I was restarting a service and happened to notice that I had one service running that had no description. This struck me as curious. It's called "Session Detection" and is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\SessionService.exe. I checked the file properties and it has no details; no publisher, no product name, etc. I did some googling and didn't find anything negative, but I also didn't find anything reassuring (like I would expect for a typical Windows service). This, coupled with no description, had me a bit concerned. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal and it shows it's clean and distributed by MS. I also installed and ran Malwarebytes. Clean.

So I guess my real question is what does this service do? Why doesn't it have a description like every other Windows service?

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Safe? Yes, if you have a Dell laptop and/or fingerprint reader

Evidence 1: I saw the same service running on my machine, and as I did a clean install of Windows just 2 weeks ago there is a reduced chance of this being Malware due to limited amount of time it has been in use and the nature of it being up-to-date from the moment O/S was installed.

Evidence 2: Multiple sources (freefixer.com, pconlife.com) report this file as from Goodix, I have a Dell G3 laptop and know that it has a Goodix fingerprint reader.

Evidence 3: As further cross-checking with the above, I re-downloaded the Goodix Fingerprint driver from Dell.com and can confirm that the driver installer contains SessionService.exe

enter image description here

As with anything with regard to security online, its good to be vigilant and check everything that looks suspicious however in this case (and again, especially if you have a Dell laptop or other device that has a Goodix fingerpint reader) I think this file should be pretty safe.

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