How can I block and detect network scanners on android platforms to stop scanning vlan of my hot spot.

My question is:

  • which scanners they use?
  • how can i detect such scanners?
  • Can i protect LAN by MIKROTIK or there are better tools available.
  • Are you asking about how to protect your android devices from network sanners, or how to protect your network from network scanners running on android devices? – user10211 Dec 26 '12 at 13:13

This kind of attack are very moving in form, tools, and manners. (one day it's vlan, that offer some backdoors, another day, there is SIP... or some .mp3 plugins...)

Depending on what's new security failure where discovered...

But Android community is very quick to build patchs and correction for dangerous sercurity failures.

So the right answer is (as I think):

  • Any scanner, depending on which failure have to be exploited
  • Don't try to do that if you're not a network security expert;-)
  • Keep your system up to date!

And if you're in doubt, ask a friend to trace network activities and maybe to inspect your system.

(Don't buy expensive anti-virus or other anti-spy software, as they are as obscure as malwares you try to stay away.)

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