In my original question from 2020, I was unsuccessful in my effort to setup Cloudflare's (link to docs) DNS over TLS (DoT) (link to wiki) in my old, and now decomissioned, router:
Does Cloudflare's DNS over TLS (DoT) implement DNSSEC too?

Now, having more spare money, I have bought Turris Omnia 2020 router (link to specs).

There it is very simple to enable DNS over TLS (DoT) and even DNSSEC (link to wiki) like this:

Turris Omnia 2020 - DNS settings

My question is how do I verify both of:

  1. Cloudflare's DNS over TLS (DoT)

be in use from/on my end station running Linux Mint 20.x + Windows 10 Pro?

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As for the Cloudflare's DNS over TLS (DoT), one can visit:

where I finally get the confirmation like this:
Cloudflare's DNS over TLS (DoT)

And as for the DNSSEC, I found this online test:

where I finally get the confirmation like this:


Hope it helps!

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