I am not using AWS, google cloud or similar. I have a vps on another webhosting service.

I am going to encrypt my data but don’t know where the best place to save the encryption keys would be?

I can see that AWS has cloudHSM, Google uses Google Cloud HSM and Azure has their version etc.

Is there any similar solution that does not require use of their own platform?

Or where else should I store the keys?

Please note that this is a web app created with nodejs and react.

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    There are lots of options as per your requirements. Software based: SoftHSM, vTPM. Hardware Based:TPM, Virtual Smart Card, Smart Cards etc. All of them can be installed or utilized on your local machine.
    – saurabh
    Apr 10 at 15:23
  • Also check with the HSM vendors, they may offer their own Cloudified HSM services. You'd be able to take your keys with you if you moved to another cloud provider.
    – rip...
    Apr 10 at 22:09
  • I found Hashicorp Vault and Doppler. Would these be considered similarr to AWS KMS or AWS CloudHSM?(hashicorp.com/products/vault, doppler.com) Apr 15 at 6:00


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