I have two accounts that won't show me the 2FA/MFA "Secret Key" used to generate the multifactor codes. Because of this, I am forced to use specific MFA apps rather than my preferred one. If I had the secret key, I could get rid of the other apps and use my preferred generator.

Given I have access to all the generated codes, is it possible to reverse the generation to obtain the secret key?

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No, not if it's properly implemented.


2FA token apps are typically TOTP or HOTP which, at their core, are an HMAC with your token secret K and a counter C (which could be a timestamp in TOTP or an actual counter in HOTP).

HOTP(K, C) = truncate(HMAC(K, C)),

What you are describing is a known ciphertext attack, which HMAC is resistant to.


You could, of course do the brute force attack: capture an OTP value at a known time C and write a program to guess secret keys K until you get the same OTP, but expect that program will need to run for several centuries before it guesses correctly.

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