So I spent the day looking for a good solution of storing the backup keys or the 2FA codes and can't seem to find a convenient way for me, many people have different takes on this, so far I found 2 ways that could work for me and I would like to know which solution is best between this, from a security/convenience standpoint:

  1. Making a second BitWarden account just for the 2FA codes, I have 2 questions with this:
  • Should I activate 2FA with the second BitWarden account too?
  • Should I use another password manager like KeePass?
  1. Buying 1 or 2 flash drives and storing the keys there of course encrypting them using VeraCrypt/Keepass.

Or maybe the 2 combined?

Also if anyone good another good solution please feel free to let me know


  • Just print out the QR codes on paper then they are protected against all online attacks.
    – Robert
    Apr 24, 2022 at 20:25

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In my opinion you shouldn't create another Bitwarden account only for your backup codes. It's highly inconvenient. And you will have the same problems you have now.

Instead I think you should store them somewhere else. Encrypted and not online. Your solution which is to store the keys on an encrypted flash drive (or even two) is indeed a good solution.

Of course you can combine the two. It would add a layer of security. If you decide to do this, then yes enable 2FA on your second account ! Then store these codes on an encrypted USB flash drive.


KeePass is a good solution. There are implementations for all OS, can be stored on a USB key, and synced via Dropbox, and uses strong encryption like AES.

I use it on my desktop, then use Dropbox to sync it to my phone.

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