I've been through a lot of forums and articles about safety/security/anonymous using the internet and still haven't found the right configuration for me.

I want to go through the internet without my IP being exposed. I don't mean to hide from the police or FBI.

I've read about Whonix but it seems to be a high grade anonymity stuff which slows down the internet and blocks you from the most websites.

I thought that a simple VPN would be the best for me but I've read that there are a lot of vulnerabilities that can get your IP leaked;

  1. WebRTC: you can manually just turn it off and you should be safe.
  2. DNS leak: good VPN companies provide a great anti-DNS leak shields, so you should be safe here as well
  3. Flash/Java/JS: here I'm not sure what to do. Turning these scripts off won't let you experience the internet that good.

Is there any way to prevent IP leak mentioned in the third point (flash/Java/js)? Maybe installing some Linux-based system that will route whole connection via VPN with some gateway (a la Whonix)?

  • What do you mean by IP leaks through Flash/Java/JS? Flash and Java are not enabled in modern browsers by default. For JS, the only way IP leak I'm aware of is WebRTC, which, as you said, can be disabled.
    – nobody
    Apr 28 at 11:19


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