I noticed the command analyze under Database Backend Commands in msfconsole while trying to analyze a subnet. analyze -h shows usage as such:

analyze [OPTIONS] [addr1 addr2 ..]

and that's it.

I have searched through rapid7's documentation as well as Offensive Security's Metasploit Unleashed for what those options actually are to no avail.

When I execute analyze addr1 I get

[*] No matching modules found.

Not sure what modules I should be loading to use this command or the flags.

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There is very poor documentation on this. Fortunately, metasploit is open source:


Options are:

  • -a "all": return results for a host even if result is blank (same as -v)
  • -v "verbose mode": return results for a host even if result is blank (same as -a)
  • -p payload check for the desired payloads, separated by ,
  • -h prints the help text

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