I'm applying for a Linux developer job. One of the questions is: "What linux distro uses version 4.X (specifically, version 4.4x)?"

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    If we give you the answer, how does that demonstrate any proficiency to your prospective employer?
    – Adam Katz
    May 12 at 20:58
  • I really dont know. I made a linux course on cisco netacad and I used it in order to get a job. I dont know what this had to. But if you know the answer, please share with me. Only 1 hour left. Besides I dont know the reason why you'd keep in secret the answer? Is there anything wrong? May 12 at 21:03
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    @AdamKatz, you're hired!
    – mti2935
    May 12 at 21:21
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    This is in no way, no matter how you look at it, a security question.
    – schroeder
    May 12 at 21:25
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    @Gabrielrivas I presume that this is your real name. If I was your potential employer and found that you simply relegated questions from me to some third party, I'd immediately tell you you don't need to call anymore.
    – MechMK1
    May 12 at 21:36


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