If a Bluetooth device, like a toy, smart toothbrush, or headphones etc. is paired to a phone or computer, and the Bluetooth device is sold/lost without resetting the device or any Bluetooth data on it, can the phone or computer be hacked or tracked by someone with physical access to that list/sold device, even if the device was removed/deleted/forgotten from the phone’s/computer’s paired Bluetooth devices?

Such as if they could extract the IRK (identity resolving key), link key, or the phone’s or computer’s Bluetooth address stored on the device, is that one way that could be used to find or hack the original paired phone or computer?

Is removing/deleting/unpairing the device from the phone or computer secure enough to keep anyone from doing anything other than that could be done if they were nearby and with the phone’s or computer’s Bluetooth on?

Thank you in advance!


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