I need to perform a security audit/assessment on 4G LTE hardware equimements :

  • 4G landline wireless phone (not android OS but with many features such as WiFi hotspot)
  • 4G Wifi home router

Is there any standard/guideline/procedure (or any checklist on the subject) that exists that I could use to perform a security assessment/audit ?

I was not given an system image (I would have binwalk it lol)

  • There is a mobile device Protection Profile that may have some relevance commoncriteriaportal.org/files/ppfiles/pp_md_v3.1.pdf, but clearly not all is applicable. And it's Common Criteria... Other Protection Profiles may have some relevance commoncriteriaportal.org/pps. In any case a lot of underlying technologies will have best practices that would be worth checking. E.g. if there is a web management interface standard AppSec practices should be followed, and also TLS best practices etc... Commented Jun 29, 2022 at 9:56


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