I go to school and I also have this YouTube channel. A few months back, my parents and I were called in by the school to discuss my channel. They went through one of my videos and looked at some work I did on islamophobia and that teacher told my parents that I was most likely being groomed by Isis and that I was going to Syria to be a terrorist due to comments on my youtube and the fact my father was a Muslim.

I was incredibly angry at him so I posted a few videos insulting the man. A few months later, my parents were called again and he showed the retaliatory videos to my parents telling them that there was no justifiable reason to make these videos despite calling me a literal terrorist a few months back. I posted another video insulting him for this and I got a week's suspension.

Things cooled down for a few months until last week on a school holiday and the school told my parents I had posted 18 new videos and a video they made up about arson and said they couldn't trust me after I said I wasn't.

I am obviously inclined to lie because I know I will get worse than a suspension. My father, more trusting of me, checked through my youtube channel and couldn't find a single video about arson.

I have tried talking to my parents about it and have asked them to talk to the school because I have no power in the situation and every time I did, they kept talking about the duty of care. I have no idea what to do

  • I have no idea what you are trying to ask here. What do you want us to tell you? Can someone at the school browse your youtube channel? Sure. Why not? Can't everyone?
    – schroeder
    Aug 4 at 11:24
  • 2
    Sounds like you need legal advise, not technical advise.
    – user10489
    Aug 4 at 11:29
  • I concur, you should ask your question on law.SE or maybe parenting.SE. This has nothing to do with cybersecurity.
    – A. Hersean
    Aug 4 at 12:02
  • If you want a technical answer to your social issue, you could hide your channel and videos, so only those this their link can view them. You could share the links with your friends on private discussions in some social media of your choice. But this will not resolve the issue of your now poor relations with your school.
    – A. Hersean
    Aug 4 at 12:06
  • 1
    I'm not even seeing a legal question. What is your question?
    – schroeder
    Aug 4 at 19:44


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