I'm running an OpenVPN server and can use it normally; I know for a fact that the port is open. Running an Nmap scan on port 1194 (the one I'm using) says it is closed. What could be causing this incorrect response? Used this command:

nmap -p 1194 <ip.address>

Which yields:

1194/tcp closed openvpn
  • what parameters are you using for nmap?
    – kenlukas
    Aug 9, 2022 at 18:08
  • OpenVPN runs on UDP/1194 by default, not on TCP. Are you sure it’s listing on TCP/1194 (what does lsof tell you?)
    – Teun Vink
    Aug 10, 2022 at 18:27

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Just figured it out. Since VPNs use UDP, you need to tell nmap to scan UDP ports using the -sU argument, just like so:

nmap -sU -p 1194 <ip.address>

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